Best Online Tea Stores

It’s no secret that we love tea; our office runs on tea like some run on coffee. 

Over the years, we’ve purchased tea from countless online tea stores, from smaller “niche” websites to marketplaces and brands. 

The differences in quality, pricing, and overall experiences are astonishing, and we found it hard to find correlations between stores. Overall, we’ve realized that higher prices don’t mean better quality. 

How did we construct our ratings? 

  1. Tea quality 
  2. Delivery times
  3. Online store experience

Tea quality: 

Tea quality was the main criteria we based our ratings on. It’s incredible how much tea quality varies from store to store. 

Delivery times: 

Our tea addiction needs to be dealt with, and this means that once we run out, we new tea, fast! 

We’ve experienced delivery times of only one day to over three weeks, with no shipping information and barely any support. 

Online store experience: 

This was an essential criterion for us to consider while reviewing the stores. We purchase tea for the office regularly, so the purchasing experience has to be good. 

A few features that we’ve looked for several of the stores include tea sorting (how well are the teas sorted and how easy is it to find a specific tea), adding teas to our wishlist (this is a feature that we love on our go-to tea store:, we can add teas in collections, or per staff member, and add them to the cart whenever we want), how well is each tea described (caffeine, ingredients, origin,…), lead times, how easy is it to place an order, etc.

Our ratings, at a glance: 

10/10 – My ritual tea

8/10 – Le palais des thes

7/10 – Ikkyu

7/10 – Mc Nulty

6/10 – Silk road teas

5/10 – Kusmi tea

4/10 – Davids tea

10/10 – My ritual tea

This has been our go-to store since we found out about it. My ritual tea has a vast collection of incredible teas; we also love how flexible it is for us to regularly try out new teas and appreciate the minor website feature like the “wishlist,” which allows our team to put teas there collections without having to log in. 

Based on all the teas we’ve tried from them, their collection was of the highest quality.
The collection also has a wider variety of teas ranging from specialized fermented oolongs to blend teas, so there’s something for everyone. 

My ritual tea has scored highest on all our rating criteria and has also been our go-to source for our office tea supply. Our topper!

8/10 – Le Palais des thes

Le Palais des these are a great website to find teas online, and we love browsing their website. We’ve had some great teas but received quite a few disappointing ones, mostly their specialty teas such as the sencha, specialized oolongs, or black teas were often of average quality, especially since they have an overall higher price.

However, their collection is quite large, and there are tons of hidden gems to find. 

This is a great option and a great website, but we think that the tea quality can be improved to match their higher prices. 

7/10 – Ikkyu

This is a great place to find nice Japanese green teas. The collection consists of high-quality teas, and we’ve loved each one we’ve tried. Ikkyu gets a lower rating in this list; however, it would have ranked at the top in a list that would focus exclusively on green teas. 

7/10 – Mc Nulty

We love Mc Nulty for its more nice and exclusive vibe. Mc Nulty also has a physical shop in New York City, which I always go to when I am around. The quality of the teas is excellent, but the online experience could be improved, and the collection is also relatively small. The Phantom hands’ team was helpful in answering our questions and giving us insights into their productions. 

6/10 – Silk road teas


Silk road teas have a good, varied collection of quality teas; however, we were unable to justify their prices, which are often 4 to 5 times higher than our top contenders that offer similar, often better teas. 

We found some exciting specialty teas tough; however, the price makes it hard to try more. 

5/10 – Kusmi tea

Kusmy tea has a strong brand identity and fantastic packaging, but the product quality is really disappointing and definitely overpriced. We’ve tried a few of their specialty teas (Gunpowder, genmaicha, Yunan), and these were all of noticeable low quality. Kusmi tea might be a good option if you are looking for blends, as these are usually done with lower quality teas; however, we couldn’t justify their prices in that case. 

4/10 – Davids tea

We’ve hadn’t tried this brand prior to deciding to write this article. We tried 5 of their specialty teas and 5 of their “blends” that we also tried in iced teas as per their recommendation. The quality of the teas was overall disappointing, and we were unable to justify how the prices were twice as those of our top conders. We really liked to go through the information that they provide about tea, guides on iced tea, and also the ability to search by “mood” such as “sleep and relaxation” or “Alertness and focus.” We could recommend Davids tea for people looking for blends for iced teas that don’t require high-quality teas; however, this article is focused on plain tea, so it came at the end of our list.