5 Furniture Brands to Watch in 2020

I think that one thing we all have in common is that we’ve just realised that 2020 is almost halfway over! It has been a strange year for all of us but it finally feels like the fog might be lifting. Although, the future is always a little uncertain in these times! I’ve had a lot of time at home and it has made me appreciate interior design and the feeling of my home on a new level – whether that is purging things that no longer feel like “me” (Marie Kondo has a point) to adding new special pieces to make my home feel more complete and comfortable (all of those projects that I kept putting off!). 

There is such a variety of options available when you’re looking for new home items or upgrading your space that it can be hard and time consuming to sift through so many incredible decor and furniture brands. While it’s easy to turn to well known names such as Ikea, Zara Home or Wayfair – it’s also worth exploring and discovering newer and maybe smaller stores or brands who infuse a bit of spirit and purpose in to their designs and are more thoughtful and intentional with their design process. 

With all of my extra research time, I wanted to share some furniture brands that you might want to keep your eyes on in 2020 and beyond – brands who pay particular attention to craftsmanship, design and aesthetic value. Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern piece of furniture, so many new companies have appeared offering sofas, chairs, tables, desks, and more – each with their own brand focus whether its direct to consumer or offers sustainability and durability.


Mater has been around for awhile but I only recently discovered them and was quickly impressed by their sustainable production and circular furniture designs! If finding sustainable and conscious solutions for your interior design needs at home is a priority to you, Mater has an incredible selection of collections. Many of their items can be reduced to their single elements and entered back in to production for a new piece. They also use recycled ocean plastic in many of their designs!

Find them on Instagram here.

Silo Crafts

I came across Silo on Instagram and immediately fell in love with their handmade objects (both home decor and furniture) as well as their minimal feel.

Silo’s designs are handmade made from pure materials, like brass and wood. They are “brought to life through the passionate and traditional work of artisans from around the world – with a focus on upholding local production methods”.

Since everything is handmade (often from one single piece of brass or wood) I can image that each piece is unique and special in its own way and would be something you would pass down through generations. There are some really interesting and unique objects at Silo!

You can explore their designs on their website or through Instagram.

Sarah Ellison Design

I immediately noticed the furniture by Sarah Ellison Design due to their incredibly product imagery – I was lost in it! Then through the internet rabbit trail discovered all of her designs and I was super impressed by the modern yet classic feel. Her bio says it perfectly when it describers her aesthetic as “modern and innovative, nodding to international trends, but with a down-to-earth simplicity that is distinctly Australian and easily relatable for both consumer and design led clients. This humility has also become her signature within her own label, great design without the ego”.

View her website here.


It is no secret that I love Pierre Jeanneret designs from the 1950’s Chandigarh Master Plan. If you read through the history and their inspiration behind creating and carrying out their design plans for the city of Chandigarh – you can feel the creative and forward thinking spirit of the this unique time in history.

Today, if you pay attention to interior design you can’t miss the many beautiful vintage pieces that are often used in projects by renowned architects such as Vincent Van Duysen or the modern day productions which are among the most sought after furniture pieces this year.

Srelle is quickly becoming known for their authenticity as well as their beautiful selection of models – all are handmade and available in different finishes. You can view their chairs directly on their website or follow their Instagram (which is full of truly wonderful Pierre Jeanneret furniture inspiration).


Emeco, based in America, started with a piece of scrap aluminum and morphed in to a furniture brand using recycled aluminum, coke bottles, industrial sweepings, used wood or energy efficient concrete – Emeco only uses recycled materials and focuses on durability.

You can read more on their website here.

I hope you’re discovered some new brands and are inspired to add handmade design, design classics and other sustainable options to your home designs. As always, do share any that you may have discovered as well!